Okinawa Aquarium

Okinawa Aquarium – Okinawa Churaumi Suizokukan [沖縄美ら海水族館] The Okinawa Churaumi aquarium is said to be the best aquarium in Japan, located in Okinawa [沖縄], the southernmost prefecture. The name of “Churaumi” was selected by public vote among Japanese. Chura...
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The Seasonal Division – Setsubun [節分] Setsubun [節分] is the seasonal division between winter and spring is being celebrated on February 3rd or 4th each year. It is the day before the Risshun [立春] which is the first day of spring in the ancient Japanese lunar calendar. ; ; The...
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The Fascinating Land of the Rising Sun

The mere mention of Japan’s name easily evokes images of an ancient culture, one that is still deeply ingrained in this country’s highly-interesting modern society. However, there is definitely much more to this fascinating country than old cultural beliefs and practices – you need to prepare yourself for the astounding amount of contrasts that will present themselves to you as you go around the country, exploring the things that make it truly worth visiting.

Japan is an exciting country with a rich history and a hybrid culture offering practically everything from a very traditional to hyper modern experience for it’s visitors.
This website is about Japan and it’s culture and is aimed for non-japanese audience, explaining things which can be sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden to the eye of the foreigner, but always, very typical for Japan, there is more to it as it seems at the first glance.