Vegan Chestnut Crepes

Vegan Chestnut Crepes Recipe ingredients: 100 g chestnut flour 100 g wheat flour 3 tbs brown sugar (or other sweetener you prefer) 400 ml soy milk (it really depends on the thickness of the soy milk and on the flour, use enough soy milk to be able to pour the dough in a thin layer on the pan) 1...
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Growing Sesame Sesame is one of my favourite crops. While with rice or spelt there are usually quite many steps to get the final product: mowing drying/maturing threshing removing inner hull winnowing With sesame I just cut it and then put it in a drying net until all pods get dry and sesame...
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or Die

Garden Frames

Universal Garden Frames material (for 1 frame): 16 washers 20m metal wire (1-2 mm thick) 1m x 1m mosquito net 4 90cm long boards (width is up to you) 4 10cmx10cm thick wooden prism for the corners of the frame 4 2m x 5cm boards for the upper frame with net + a bit more boards if you want to...
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Summer Festival

Natsu Matsuri [夏祭り] – Summer Festival Festival season in Japan is definitely SUMMER! There are various festivals held by municipalities, shrines, temples and shops across Japan. Travel guide books, Magazines feature information and list of popular summer festivals every year. At...
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