New Year’s Prayer – Hatsumōde [初詣] Hatsumōde [初詣] is the first shrine or temple prayer / visit of the New Year. Many people perform Hatsumode on the 1-3 of the new year.   Charms and Amulets All through the year shrine sells Omamori [charms and amulets], represent...
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Hanami [花見] – Viewing Flowers Hanami is a Japanese custom of “observing” the beauty of flowers in spring. It normally means cherry blossoms [桜 sakura], even though plum [梅 ume] is also popular, and also for most people it does usually mean having a picnic/party with...
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Vegan Chestnut Crepes

Vegan Chestnut Crepes Recipe ingredients: 100 g chestnut flour 100 g wheat flour 3 tbs brown sugar (or other sweetener you prefer) 400 ml soy milk (it really depends on the thickness of the soy milk and on the flour, use enough soy milk to be able to pour the dough in a thin layer on the pan) 1...
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Growing Azuki I do like Azuki beans, specially with glutinous rice and black sesame. Insects do also like Azuki, and as I do not use any chemicals, I always harvest with the beans also a good amount of worms. Sowing I sow azuki 40cm apart and about 3cm deep into a mulched bed. Care Apart from...
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