Garden Frames

Universal Garden Frames

drying frame

material (for 1 frame):
16 washers
20m metal wire (1-2 mm thick)
1m x 1m mosquito net
4 90cm long boards (width is up to you)
4 10cmx10cm thick wooden prism for the corners of the frame
4 2m x 5cm boards for the upper frame with net
+ a bit more boards if you want to secure the upper frame in place
30-40 wood screws
20 small nails for attaching the net to the frame (or you could use staples)

Base frame Upper frame Upper frame Upper frame Stoppers Stacked frames

Initially I made these frames for drying, but as I was thinking about making a mini greenhouse (for making seedlings outside in spring or protection of seedlings against insects), I had an idea that I could stack 2 drying frames and place a piece of transparent foil underneath the upper frame with net.

drying azuki