Japanese Culture

Japanese Culture:
a Harmonious Blend of the Old and the New

Japanese culture presents a great combination of the old and the new; the traditional and the ultra-modern. Don’t let the opportunity to explore the wonders of traditional Japanese culture as you feast your eyes on ancient paintings, sculpture and calligraphy; prepare to be awe-struck with the performing arts that can trace its roots to centuries of Japanese life and culture.

However, let’s not forget that Japan is one of the most technologically-advanced nations in the world; you will see some of the most cutting-edge gadgets that will make even the most seasoned techie drool with envy. It is common to see a Japanese local wearing their traditional kimonos while tinkering with their modern gadgets – that’s modern Japanese culture for you. The modern facilities around Japan will most likely leave you in awe, as the technology that the Japanese use in producing some of the world’s most beloved gadgets are easily incorporated in their daily lives as well.