5 Seasonal Festivals

5 Seasonal Festivals – Gosekku [五節句]

koinobori007 Five seasonal festivals [Gosekku / 五節句 or Sekku / 節句] were celebrated for gods at the seasonal changes. People made food offering for successful harvest and the blessing of nature. These festivals came from China and are observed on propitious dates.
Gosekku were official holidays during Edo era.

Gosekku Festival Days

  1. January 7 : Festival of Seven Herbs [Nanakusa no Sekku / 七草の節句] also known as Jinjitsu [人日]
    It is a day when the Japanese eat seven-herb rice porridge [Nanakusa-gayu / 七草がゆ], wishing good health, longevity and good luck throughout the year.
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  2. March 3 : Girls’ Festival [Hina Matsuri / 雛祭り] also known as Jōshi [上巳]
    It is a day when families with daughters celebrate by setting up Hina Dolls and wishing their happiness and health growth.
    Girls’ Festival is also called Momo no Sekku [peach festival / 桃の節句].
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  3. May 5 : Boy’s Festival or Children’s Day [Kodomo no Hi / 子供の日 ] also known as Tango[端午]
    It is a day when families with sons celebrate by displaying a samurai doll inside house and hanging up carp streamers which symbolize parents wishes for their sons to be strong and successful. Children’s Day is also called Tango no Sekku [端午の節句] and Ayame no sekku [菖蒲の節句].
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    This day is a national holiday.
  4. July 7 : Star Festival [Hoshi Matsuir / 星祭り] also known as Tanabata or Shichiseki [七夕]
    It is a day for the folktale of two lovers on either side of the Milky Way and it is believed that they can only meet once a year on this day.
    People write thier wishes on tanzaku [短冊 / colorful paper strips ] and hang them on bamboo branches in the hope of that wishes will come true.
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  5. September 9 : Festival of Chrysanthemum [Kiku no sekku / 菊の節句] also known as Chōyō [重陽]
    It is a day when people drink Chrysanthemum Sake [Kikuzake / 菊酒] wishing for a long life. Chrysanthemum is the symbol of permanence and long life.
    This is the very last of the Five Seasonal Festivals however it is minor by the others.
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