Manga [漫画]

Manga literally means “comic story” or “cartoon”. It is popular with all ages and themes can be very diverse, ranging from sci-fi to porn. One often sees in public transport ‘salaryman’ (japanese office workers) in suits staring hypnotised at their 1000+ pages manga. Since the huge earthquake in March 2011, also this “disaster” became a topic of manga.

Mangaka [漫画家]

It a person creating the manga comic. Traditionally Mangaka is a writer and illustrator – two in one.

Mangakissa [漫画喫茶]

Or shorter mankitsu [漫 吃] is a manga “cafe”, a kind of library where a person comes to read manga. It is a place where you can find also so called Otaku [オタク] – geeks, people obsessed with anime, manga, or computers who spend (all) their time here. Nowadays manga cafe does provide a variety of services, usually paid by the hour, you can choose from a wide range of manga books, DVDs, as well as use computers, print documents from your USB drive, play video games, surf the internet, or even sleep on a couch in your separe room until the morning when you missed the last train (cheaper alternative to hotels).

Hentaimanga [変態漫画]

Or abbr. hentai [変 态] (hentai means perverted) is sexually explicit manga. Also the term erohon [エロ 本] (ero – erotic, hon = book / magazine) can be used in a wider sense. Hentai manga is very popular and can be very diverse, from naive stories with a light erotic touch, gay, all the way to sadism, pretty much anything.