Naked Festival

The Naked Festival – Hadaka Matsuri [裸祭り]

Hadaka Matsuri, or the festival of the naked is one of the most popular festivals with foreigners.

Hadaka Matsuri [裸祭り] (Naked Festival) is a Japanese festival which participants (guys only) wear shitaobi [下帯] (Japanese loincloths) and tabi [足袋] (socks). Naked festivals take place in summer and winter throughout Japan every year.

Konomiya Hadaka Matsuri[国府宮裸祭り] – Konomiya Naked Festival

Hadaka Matsuri

Kounomiya Hadaka Matsuri is held at Konomiya [国府宮] town, Inazawa city in Aichi prefecture on the lunar calendar January 13th every year.
Approximately 200,000 visitors come to see the naked festival, which is more than Inazawa city population.

Naked men [裸男 hadaka otoko] wear loincloth [下帯 shitaobi] carrying bamboo [なおい笹 naoizawa] and strips of colourful cloths [難追布 naoigire] with written wishes from children, women and elderly those who are not able to participate the festival to the Konomiya [国府宮] shrine.

 Hadaka Matsuri - Naked men carry bamboo Hadaka Matsuri - Visitors cheer for naked men Hadaka Matsuri - Bamboo and wishes cloths are offered to god Hadaka Matsuri - Naked man in down jacket