Yukata [浴衣] – Casual Summer Kimono

Yukata [浴衣] is a Japanese garment, casual summer kimono made by cotton or synthetic fabrics.
Japanese wear yukata at fireworks, festivals and during obon [お盆] (Buddhist Memorial Day) in summer.

Yukata is also worn after bath as lounge wear at ryokan [旅館] (Japanese style inns).
Yukata literally means bath [浴] clothes [衣].

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Jinbei [甚平] – Japanese Summer Home Wear

Jinbei [甚平] is a Japanese summer garment worn by men, women, children and babies.
Jinbei was originally used as a comfortable home wear but nowadays it is a substitute for yukata because it is more casual, easy to wear and adaptable to any lifestyle. Jinbei has became more popular in years.

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