Bamboo Shoots

Takenoko [竹の子] – Edible bamboo shoots


There are 70 bamboo shoots species in Japan, the most preffered for eating is Phyllostachys edulis [孟宗竹 / Mousouchiku].
Phyllostachys edulis has hairy skin (*see the image below) and is harvested from Kyushu [九州] up to Tohoku [東北].
It doesn’t have much bitterness but has a crunchy texture and distinct sweetish flavor.

Spring Delicacy

Takenoko is harvested from March to May in Japan as a very popular spring delicacy.

Fresh bamboo shoots need to be precooked after the harvest. There are various cooking ways including grilling, boiling, with mixed rice, in a soup ….
The longer Takenoko are kept, the bitter and harder they become.

Takenoko Nutrition

Takenoko are high in Dietary Fiber, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, Copper, Protein and Iron.

    Bamboo shoots are usually consumed for :

  • healthy weight loss as low in calories
  • maintaining optimum health
  • helping lower high blood pressure as rich in potassium
  • promoting healthier bowel movements as high in fiber

Bamboo forest Ornamental Bamboo Hairy Phyllostachys edulis Takenoko wrapped by husks Bottom of the bamboo shoot Edible part is very tiny