Okinawan cuisine

Okinawan cuisine – Okinawa Ryori [沖縄料理]

Okinawan cuisine differs from Japanese cuisine due to the complex history and the different climate. The islands were an independent state called the Ryukyu Kingdom [琉球王国] which reigned from the 15th to 19th century. The food culture was influenced especially by China, Southeast Asia and the United States (after WWII).


Okinawan Food / Rafute [ラフテ] Okinawan Food / Aosa-jiru [あおさ汁] Okinawa’s Signature Dish / Goya champuru [ゴーヤチャンプル] Okinawan Food / Jīmāmi-dōfu [ジーマーミ豆腐] Okinawan Food / Agū pork Schnitzel [アグー豚のとんかつ] Okinawan Food / Umibudo Yam Tuna donburi [海ぶどうととろろマグロ丼] Okinawan Food / Umibudo Carpaccio [海ぶどうカルパッチョ] Okinawa Food / Murasaki imo croquette [紫いもコロッケ] Okinawa Food / Mimigā [ミミガー] Okinawan Food / Taco raisu [タコライス] Ryukyu Court Cuisine / Tofuyo [豆腐よう] Okinawan Food / Mozuku Tempura [もずく天ぷら] Okinawan Food / Gurukun Karaage [ぐるくん唐揚げ] Okinawan Food / Nābera Champuru Teishoku [ナーベラチャンプル定食]


Okinawan Soul Food: Okinawa Soba [沖縄そば]

Okinawa soba are different from the soba in the rest of Japan. They are made of wheat flour, not buckwheat. Thick wheat noodles are very similar to ramen noodles. Okinawa soba is served in a soup from bonito broth with toppings such as green onion, sliced pork and boiled fish cake.
Okinawa Soba [沖縄そば] Sōki soba [ソーキそば] Ucchin Soba [うっちんそば] Yagi Soba [山羊そば]


Ryukyu Sweets


It has been said that there were 160 varieties of pastries during the Ryukyu Kingdom era.
Here are some popular sweets that can be purchased at supermarkets, souvenir shops and confectionery stores.


Machikaji [松風] Chinbin [ちんびん] Mūchī [ムーチー] Nantū Mūchī [ナントゥームーチー] Kunpen [くんぺん] Blue Seal Ice Cream Sata andagi [サーターアンダーギー]

Okinawan Drinks

Sanpin-cha [サンピン茶] Habushu [ハブ酒] Orion Beer [オリオンビール] Goya Beer by Helios Distillery [ヘリオス酒造]