The spicy, green, horseradish-like devil’s root called wasabi is one of the Japanese things you can come across pretty much anywhere. You can find it in sushi, as a snack, as a dipping sauce, pickles, in cakes, even ice cream.

Sashimi Wasabi Sushi Wasabi Wasabi Sweets Wasabi Ice Cream

Naturally it’s greyish-green, expensive restaurants often serve a piece of “real” wasabi along with some dishes. The mass produced wasabi pastes/powders have usually some colorants and look kind of unnatural alien green.

Fun with Wasabi

Wasabi, because it’s pretty spicy also is part of different fun activities.
Wasabi russian roulette is being played at some weddings – good amount of wasabi is “pumped” into few pieces of cake/sweets, which is being eaten by all wedding guests. The person who get’s the wasabi-cake usually makes an agony face, full of tears because of the spicy wasabi filling. Being easily to spot, this person has to perform some kind of a task, as giving a speech about the bride or groom etc.