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These days it’s very hot and I’m very busy with my work. The constant sweating does not seem to be good for my skin. Skin on my feet and hands is peeling in chunks…

Today we had training from 10 to 12. No one else came,not even kids.weird, maybe the heat?
I was practicing with sensei alone. It was great. The most important points:
Taino henko – I should use the thumb and 2 little fingers for grabbing. My wrist should touch psrtner’s hand.
Morotedori kokyunage – my arm doing kokyuho shiuld be between the height of my eyes and horizontal position. Important point for me is to be first in front of partners arm (in front of).
When stepping in need to make sure my hip touches partner’s.
Ikkyo omote – need to make sure when breaking balance in such way that he cannot be strong. His arm should be extended to the front.
Ikko urawaza – my mistake is that I start pushing then make a step step. I need to make sure to push when turning, and look direction of the extended arm.
Kokyuho ho – need to make sure oyayubi pointing to me, not squeezing the boobs.

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