Buckwheat Flour

Buckwheat Flour Recipe

Buckwheat flour is used in Japan mostly in soba noodles, usually 80:20 ratio, (buckwheat:wheat), but in some cases one can even get soba made completely from buckwheat. Putting soba aside, buckwheat is also great used as groats in “kasha”, or my favourite a great addition as flour to crepes.

roasted buckwheat for flour

Roasted Buckwheat Flour

I do always mill buckwheat, because milling is the easiest processing method for me. Although I do like buckwheat groats as well, I was not able to find a way to hull it easily at home on a small scale.

I do mill whole roasted buckwheat with hull (roasting makes it easier to mill), then I use a sieve to get rid of the larger pieces of hull. The reason I don’t remove all pieces of hull is that it does also contribute to the typical flavour.

Milling buckwheat Removing buckwheat hulls Buckwheat flour

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