Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

2 servings | time needed: 30 min
Chicken Teriyaki belongs together with sushi to the world’s most popular Japanese dishes. As opposed to sushi, teriyaki chicken is quick and easy to prepare.


500g chicken meat (ideally chicken thighs with skin)
4 tsp soy sauce
4 tsp mirin (or sherry wine if no mirin)
2 tsp sugar
2 tsp flour

We will start with the sauce, 4 tablespoons of soy sauce, 4 tablespoons of mirin, if you don’t have mirin, you can use sherry wine instead, 2 tablespoons of sugar, give it a good stir and that’s it. We can continue with chicken.

We are using some large chicken thighs without bones, but with skin. Shallow cuts will help to cook the meat quicker. We coat the meat with a thin layer of flour and place it skin side down on the hot pan.

Leave it alone for few minutes until the skin starts to turn crunchy. Then after turning the meat over, lower the heat and give it few more minutes with the lid on.

Then we turn the meat again skin down, get rid of the oil, otherwise it will spoil the teriyaki look. Adding in our soy sauce mixture and on a stronger heat we will reduce it to a thick sauce. Turning our chicken over few times, it is gradually getting this golden look. When the meat is cooked, take it out and cut it. We can reduce the sauce a little bit more and when it is nice and thick pour it over the meat.

That’s it, we are done. Best to serve with rice or even with as a burger.