Vegan Chestnut Crepes

Vegan Chestnut Crepes Recipe

100 g chestnut flour
100 g wheat flour
3 tbs brown sugar (or other sweetener you prefer)
400 ml soy milk (it really depends on the thickness of the soy milk and on the flour, use enough soy milk to be able to pour the dough in a thin layer on the pan)
1 tbs olive oil
1 tsp vanilla extract

Dough - liquid enough to make thin crepes I usually serve 2-5 crepes per person

  1. mix all ingredients in a bowl (I use whisking attachment for food processor)
  2. pre-heat the pan properly and always apply a thin layer of oil (for example before each crepe wipe the pan with a kitchen tissue soaked in oil)
  3. once the crepe solidifies (after about 1 min), turn it around and give the other side another minute or so, if you prefer them more brown and crunchy longer
  4. this recipe makes around 10 crepes and serves 2-3 people

chestnut crepes