Sumata Gorge in Shizuoka

Sumata Gorge – Sumata Kyo [寸又峡]

Sumata kyo

Sumata Kyo [寸又峡] is a gorge formed by Sumata River [寸又川], one of the
tributaries of Ooi River [大井川] in Kawanehon town [川根本町], Shizuoka [静岡], Japan.

The length of the gorge is 16 km and the relative elevation reaches 100 meters. In the near distance you can find various services for tourists and also try local specialities like Wasabi Soba or Green tea icecream.

The Dream Suspension Bridge

At Sumata Kyo, you can enjoy hiking with the beautiful nature. There are a few hiking trails touring Sumata Kyo, each taking around 50 – 90 minutes.

While you hike, you will see a popular suspension bridge, called the Dream Suspension Bridge [夢の吊り橋 / Yume no Tsuribashi]. This bridge is 90 meters long and 8 meters high and crosses the confluence of Sumata River [寸又川] and Ooi River [大井川].
The Dream Suspension Bridge allows only 10 people to cross at a time. The width of the path is only 45 cm.

It is said that the color of the river changes everyday. (*Image below.)

Hot Springs

There is a hot spring [温泉 / Onsen] called Beauty Making Spring [美女づくりの湯] owned by the local town. The onsen is famous for making skin silky smooth and beautiful.

    The Onsen Information

  • Quality: Sulphur
  • Temperature: 43 degrees C
  • Suitable for people with: Chronic rheumatism, Diabetes, Chronic skin disease, Gynecological disease, Wounds

Sumata Kyo [寸又峡] Dream Suspension Bridge [夢の吊り橋] View from the Dream Suspension Bridge Flower at Sumata Kyo Beautiful view of Hiryu Bridge Wasabi Soba

How to get to Sumata Kyo

Public Transport
From Nagoya JR station, take JR Tokai Railway to Kanaya Station [金谷駅]
(or take Shinkansen to Hamamatsu [浜松] then to Kanaya )
transfer to Ooigawa Train [大井川鉄道] and get off at enzu Station [千頭駅]
Get on the buss to Sumata Kyo Onsen [寸又峡温泉]