Takeda Castle

Takeda Castle Ruins – Takeda Jōseki [竹田城跡]

Takeda Castle [竹田城]

Takeda Castle, nowadays only the ruins of a mountain castle in Asago City [朝来市], Hyōgo prefecture [兵庫県], has been recently attracting masses of visitors. This site is known also as Torafusu Jō [虎臥城 / lying tiger castle].

**The Takeda Castle is open 24 hours. Free Parking + Free Entry

History of the Takeda Castle

Takeda Castle was constructed in 1431 by Mochitoyo Yamana [山名持豊], the governor of the area.
Mitsukage Otagaki [太田垣光景] had been military commander for Yamana and Otagaki clan became the holder of the castle for over 7 generations.

In 1577 Takeda Castle was conquered by Hideyoshi Toyotomi [豊臣秀吉] and he placed his younger brother Hidenaga [秀長] as the lord of the castle. In 1585 the lord of the castle Hirohide Akamatsu [赤松広秀] extended the castle walls as per current remains. In 1600 Hirohide fought with the western forces at the battle of Sekigahara [関ヶ原の戦い] and sooner veered round for eastern forces as the western forces were being defeated. He joined the attack on the Tottori Castle [鳥取城], but was accused of arson on the castle town. Later on he was ordered to commit seppuku [切腹] (ritual suicide) by Ieyasu Tokugawa [徳川家康] and the Takeda Caslte was abandoned.
Nowadays only the walls and foundations remain.

Takeda Castle surrounded by the sea of clouds View from the Takeda Castle View from the Takeda Castle Takeda Castle used to be famous for cherry blossom in spring. Asago Mountain [朝来山]  756.5m high (right) The arched Bridge is part of the Bantan connection road [播但連絡道路]

Japan’s Machu Picchu

Takeda Castle is often called Japan’s Machu Picchu or the Castle in the Sky [Tenku no Shiro / 天空の城].
That is because the site is located 353.7 meters above the sea level, on the top of the mountain and appears in certain time above the clouds [Unkai / 雲海]. The spectacular view can be seen in the early morning from dawn to around 8 am in autumn.

Best Conditions for the “sea of clouds” Unkai
・Sharp temperature difference between day and night
・Weak wind
・Sunny day

Films shot at the Takeda Castle

Kagemusha [影武者] (1980) – Director: Akira Kurosawa [黒澤明]
Heaven and Earth [Ten to Chi / 天と地] (1990) – Director: Haruki Kadokawa [角川春樹]
To You [Anata E / あなたへ] (2012) – Director: Yasuo Furuhata [降旗康男]

Access – How to get to Takeda Castle Ruins

Public Transport
2 hours 30 mins from Kyoto JR station
Take the Sanin Main Line [山陰本線 ] to Wadayama Station[和田山駅]
Change to the Banban Line [播但線] to Takeda Station [竹田駅]
Get a taxi from Wadayama Station to the site

* 1 train every hour from Takeda Station
* 30 minutes hike to the site