Video Interview

Video Interview Guidelines

We are excited to be able to interview you and looking forward to the final outcome. The length of the final video is usually around 20 minutes, but please reserve around an hour for this meeting.

1. Topics Beforehand

Before the interview, we will let you know the topics we will be asking about, in order to give you time to prepare. If there are any years, amounts, names, or whatever else you want to mention, and is difficult to remember, it is a good idea to write these down somewhere you can access during the interview.
Everyone has of course own opinions and that is fine, but please lets NOT get into lengthy political debates.

2. Mistakes – No problem

If you make a mistake and would like to correct yourself, it is not a problem, just start the whole sentence again and we will edit it out. Before publishing the video, we will show you a draft version for approval.

3. What do I need?

  1. Computer (worst case a smartphone or tablet)
  2. Gmail account – we will send you an invite to our video call
  3. Camera, can be built-in, please try it before, if it works
  4. Microphone, can be built-in, please try it before, if it works

4. Quiet and Well-lit Environment

Please find a quiet spot, not noisy, where others will not disturb you or walk in the visible area. Light is very important, if you are not able to be in a well lit space, even one small light, for example a desk light can help.


5. No Pressure, Relax, take your time, this will be Fun!

Looking forward to our little chat!